ATC Operations in North Central Indiana – Seminar

ATC Operations in North Central Indiana – Seminar

Lindsey Amundson – Air Traffic Controller with SBN TRACON, will be our guest for this seminar. Lindsey will talk about air traffic control (ATC) services for pilots and explain Brasher Warnings. Brasher Warnings (or Brasher Notifications) are issued prior to possible enforcement actions or operator training so pilots have an opportunity to make note of an occurrence and collect their thoughts for future coordination with Flight Standards.

Charles Wiltsie, Manager for South Bend, IN, Air Traffic Control, will also be in attendance.

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May 20 2023


11:00 am

Fuel Pricing

  • 100LL FS 5.70
  • 100LL SS 5.55
  • Jet-A 4.75
  • Jet-A 300 gals+ 4.50
  • 90REC 4.90